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At times, a tooth becomes compromised or weakened and must be restored. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that is placed over a tooth to protect it and to restore its strength, shape, and size. When a dental crown is placed, it will cover the entire visible portion of the tooth.

There are several reasons why Dr. Chad Catron may recommend a dental crown in Stilwell, Oklahoma. You may benefit from a dental crown if your tooth is:

– Broken
– Worn down
– Cracked or chipped
– Weakened
– Missing and a dental bridge has been recommended
– Missing and a dental implant has been recommended
– In need of root canal therapy

If your tooth doesn’t have much structure remaining, our dentist can build up a foundation to support the dental crown. Otherwise, the tooth may need to be shaped to allow room for the dental crown. After the tooth is prepared, impressions of the tooth and the surrounding teeth will be made so that your crown can be designed and constructed specifically for your smile.

When your dental crown is ready, our dentist will check the fit and color. Any needed adjustments will be made to ensure that the crown fits comfortably and blends into your smile. Then a special cement will be used to permanently attach the dental crown to your tooth.

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