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Your pregnancy term is a busy time of preparing to welcome your baby, visiting the doctor for prenatal checkups and ensuring you receive the regular exercise and nutrition you need to be healthy. When you are pregnant, it’s important to receive regular dental care to prevent pregnancy gingivitis to protect you and your baby.

Some form of gum disease affects about half of all American adults, and the risks of developing gum disease become greater while you are pregnant. Pregnancy causes your body to undergo a lot of different changes that affect the balance of the hormones. Due to hormonal fluctuations, you can experience heightened progesterone levels that allow bacteria to thrive in your mouth and lead to disease.

Due to fluctuating hormones and increased progesterone, it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to develop a condition of gingivitis while they are pregnant, and this condition is referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. If this condition develops and is not treated with the help of a dental professional, it could put your baby at risk of a premature birth or being born with a low birth weight. Babies that are born preterm may be more likely to develop issues with hearing and vision loss, digestive issues and respiratory problems.

The good news is that pregnancy gingivitis is completely preventable by practicing oral hygiene that is consistent and thorough and receiving regular dental checkups. If you suspect you have pregnancy gingivitis in Stilwell, Oklahoma, you are welcome to speak with our dentist at Catron Family Dentistry by contacting our office at 918-696-4200 today. Dr. Chad Catron and our team are happy to provide insight on habits and treatments to reduce the bacteria in your smile.