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Caring for your smile includes caring for the look of your smile. Even if you’re cleaning your smile and making sure it remains strong, unsightly blemishes or irregular teeth can drastically diminish the look of your smile, as it will have a negative impact on the appearance of your entire smile. Thus, the cosmetic enhancement should always be used to keep your smile looking its best. One branch of dentistry that focused specifically on this is cosmetic dentistry.

Numerous cosmetic dentistry restorations are designed to conceal broken or damaged teeth to bring out your best smile. If you wish to fully conceal a tooth, a dental crown could prove to be highly effective. Similarly, dental veneers can also help improve the look of your smile with a customizable prosthetic shell that is attached directly to the front of teeth. They are also stain-resistant as they are often made of porcelain materials. Another key restoration treatment that can be beneficial is with the use of teeth whiteners.

If you have any lost or missing teeth, you may want to look into dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures. For a permanent cosmetic prosthetic, dental implants are attached directly to your jawbone. If your jawbone is not strong enough for a dental implant, a dental bridge can be used instead, as they are attached to nearby and neighboring teeth. If you want a temporary prosthetic to replace a missing tooth, dentures can prove to be beneficial.

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