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Are you aware of common signs and symptoms of a toothache? A toothache often arises as an infection within a tooth and is routinely accompanied by an abscess. Furthermore, several visual clues can often alert you to its presence so that appropriate treatments can be given to eradicate the toothache and save your smile.

Because toothaches can lead to further damage in other areas of your mouth and face, they will need to be treated as soon as they arise. However, they can often be difficult to detect if you are unaware of what to look for. Typically, toothaches arise as pains and discomforts within your mouth that may often contribute to other oral health issues. However, if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, wisdom teeth eruption, or any other issues in your mouth, be aware that toothaches can often occur as a result of it. Furthermore, if you notice any visual clues including noticeable discharge around the tooth or inflammation and swelling in your face, a toothache may be present. In addition, rashes, fevers, and the presence of chills are often present as toothache symptoms to watch for.

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