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If you have questions about dental bridges, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Chad Catron, is happy to discuss some details about dental bridges by answering some commonly asked questions about the restoration. Who knows, you might have the exact same questions! The commonly asked questions are:

Q: What are dental bridges?
A: They are restorations that are made of false teeth and dental crowns. The crowns are placed on the edges of the restoration while the false teeth sit in between them. This restoration provides natural-looking results, and it is made in a dental lab just for you.

Q: How do dental bridges stay in the mouth?
A: The crowns that sit on the edges of the bridge hold the restoration in place by anchoring onto the surrounding natural teeth in the smile.

Q: What can dental bridges do for me?
A: Dental bridges can improve the appearance of your smile, restore the health of your smile, give you the ability to properly chew and speak, maintain the shape of your face, give you a strong bite and more.

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