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When was the last time you saw someone with false teeth? The truth is, you might not have even noticed because advancements in modern dentistry have been so impressive that most false teeth can now blend in seamlessly with natural ones, often making it hard to spot the difference. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing but tooth replacements can also function better too. 

If you are seeking a tooth replacement treatment, we have some options you may want to consider:

– Dental Implants: Dental implants are tooth replacement procedures that surgically attach replacement teeth directly to the jawbone for a permanent hold that can last a lifetime.

– Dentures: Dentures are tooth replacement procedures where missing teeth are crafted so they can be removed and reinstalled by the owner at will. They are more susceptible to damage than dental implants due to the extra care required when handling them outside of the mouth. Partial dentures are ideal when you have several missing teeth while complete dentures can replace entire rows of teeth.

– Dental Bridges: Dental bridges are designed to fill the gaps left behind by missing or lost teeth. Characteristically used for a few missing teeth at a time, prosthetic teeth for bridges–typically made from metal or porcelain–are crafted and held in place permanently by attaching themselves to neighboring teeth or implants.

If you have experienced tooth loss and need a tooth replacement service from Catron Family Dentistry, contact Dr. Chad Catron‘s team in Stilwell, Oklahoma, to help you find the best restoration for your needs. You can schedule an oral exam by calling us at 918-696-4200. Let us get you started on the road to a more confident smile!